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i just dont know

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im alexis.

i am not creative 

or imaginative

or deep

or inspirational.

i am simple


(but not witty)

and i pretend im funny.

i care too much 

but also not at all

and i dont know exactly how that works.

i was going to say im not inspired, and i realized that would be a lie because even if im not inspired by anything to do anything with my life at this particular moment in my time, i am inspired to live.

i am inspired live

i am inspired to breathe

i am inspired to dream

and i am inspired to just be

which is an accomplishment to me because this time last year, i wasnt so lucky to be inspired by life to just live and now im probably the happiest with my life than i have ever been for no reason at all

and that is so great

and i wish this for more people.

everyone should be inspired to live.


my name is alexis and i am 20 years old, and this is my first journal entry.

me inspiration idk

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